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Cheap London Eats: The Chettinad Restaurant Lunch Box

Cheap London Eats: The  Chettinad Restaurant Lunch Box

An army shouldn’t march on an empty stomach, likewise you shouldn’t wander the streets of Central London without something in your belly to keep you going, to help you fight your way through the baying crowds of insane shoppers!

How does a lunch box consisting of delicious South Indian grub, for a measly £3.95 sound? Well… during a recent wander around the not so mean old streets of London I discovered Chettinad restaurant, located on Percy Street in Bloomsbury that offers a lunch box deal between 12pm – 3pm for yes… I know I said it already, for £3.95.

I must admit… that I was dubious about what the lunch box would consist of and whether it would be edible. The 7 minute walk to Russell Square Gardens, felt longer, the smell coming out of the carrier bag, containing the lunch box was making my mouth water… oh boy wasn’t it half!

The Chettinad Lunch Box consisted of a chicken curry; the chicken was tender and succulent, slightly hot. There was also two vegetable curries, one of which was very, very tasty. Also included was raitha, bread and rice, which were all freshly cooked. I can’t find any fault with the meal. I was impressed…

chett 2

chett 3

chett 4

The Chettinad Restaurant is a located a mere 12 – 16 minutes walk – depending how packed the streets are – from Oxford Circus. If you are hungry, in the area at lunch time and you only have a few quid in your pocket, go check out this highly recommended restaurant…