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Cheap Eats London: Best Kebab Ever!

Cheap Eats London: Best Kebab Ever!

It was a cold, dark, wet, winters evening when I stepped off the bus outside Southall train station: I’m used too it,  its like “water off a ducks back to me”. As soon as my feet hit the pavement, a succulent, delicious smell of Indian food hit me straight between the eyes with the ferociousness of a punch right on the kisser from Mike Tyson in his prime.

Oh boy… what could I do. I had no choice but to head straight into Shahi Nan Kebab, located on Southall Bridge, right next to the bus stop: the buzzing, little shop was full of Indians, which was a good sign. After 5 minutes scanning the vast menu, I settled for a small mutton kebab (with “something else” which I cannot remember the name of!) and nan bread at a cost of £4.80

About 15 minutes later I was sitting on a very uncomfortable metal bench on the platform, waiting for the train to Paddington munching on what is undoubtedly one of the best kebabs I have ever had. Oh boy… it was f**king delicious.

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The nan bread was freshly and expertly made, the salad was fresh and the mutton was marinated and grilled to perfection, the obligatory chilli and garlic sauces were most definitely to my liking. The meat “something else” which I don’t know the name of was also very tasty! The thing that I wasn’t happy about, was that I had bought a small one, instead of a large one… never the less it was very filling: I was being  greedy, but it really was that good!

The last time I bought a Kebab from a takeaway was over four years ago, I’m not generally big fan. In fact the last one I bought one was from a shitty takeaway on Kilburn High Road. They almost put me off them for life… the Shahi Nan Kebab has restored my faith in the humble kebab, a simple, but very tasty stomach filler – it is when it’s done right!

If you are ever in the vicinity of Southall Train Station and your after some Cheap Eats… you know where to go…