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By The Seaside – Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

By The Seaside – Wordless Wednesday (Almost)

Brighton Beach in the Winter time is quiet probably not most people’s idea of the perfect time to visit. Only a brave few souls ever dare to walk along the shingle beach to enjoy the fresh bracing sea air. However for me it is a wonderfully relaxing place to be.

During those warm sunny summer days when the sun bothers to shine in Brighton, the beach is packed with tourists and locals enjoying themselves. Lots of red people everywhere, haven’t they ever heard of sun tan lotion and don’t they know how terrible they look when their white skin has been burnt red. Not a pretty sight!

Give me a cold winters day at Brighton Beach, when the bitter sea air chills me to the bone with a handful of people to share it with – over a warm summers day at the beach along with thousands of people packed in like sardines. That aint no fun, I can’t understand why people put themselves through it, I guess they don’t know any better…

This weeks Wordless Wednesday entry was captured back in March on a very chilly, but sunny afternoon on Brighton Beach. It was a great place to be…


  1. What a great shot! I can just feel the chill of the ocean air!

  2. Carol, even though my hands were frozen and I wished I had gloves on, I was snapping away like crazy with my camera….such fun.

  3. Very cool William. Reminds me of Monterey Bay here in the States.

    BTW I Stumbled it for you.


  4. beautiful…very calming.

  5. looks like a wonderful place to unwind, relax and recharge.

  6. What Don said about Monterey Bay here in the U.S. It’s usually always chilly there. Year around.

    Great shot by the way. As usual.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  7. Don, thanks for the Stumble, and Monterey Bay sounds like a place worth checking out.

    Uyen, it was at the time, even more so than the pic conveys.

    LifeRamblings, I could do with trip to the seaside for a wee taste of that fresh sea air.

    Comedy Plus, chilly all year round, sounds like back home in Aberdeen…it is one of my better shots that’s for sure.

  8. I love Brighton It’s so vibrant, whenever my parents used to say we will have a day out on Sunday it was usually Brighton.

    A must for me these days is the rides on the pier, always so much to do there in all weather 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by William

  9. Brighton is a good escape from London. I will have to get myself back again real soon and I have still to make it onto the pier, I will go check it out next time…

  10. I would have liked to see this landscape with my eyes, to hear the murmur, to breathe the fresh air… Wonderful!

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  11. Carmen, Primrose Hill sure is a fine view, but I’m not so sure that you would find much fresh air on top of this hill.