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Brighton Beach – Picture of the Week

Brighton Beach – Picture of the Week

It’s not often that I head out of London, in fact when I went to Brighton for the bloggers event at the Thistle Hotel on Thursday it was only the second time that I have left London in two years. In my mind there is too much to do, too many things to see and places to visit in London, why should I leave? This city is a non stop adventure…and anyway I won’t be living hear for ever so I intend to overdose in the meantime!

As soon as I hit the beach in Brighton, I felt like I was in a good place. The fresh bracing sea air was a delight and even though the beach was shingle and not sand, I wasn’t complaining too much! I just kept on walking along the shorefront breathing in the air, I could taste the salt on my lips and even though my hands were frozen I didn’t care – the beach isn’t just for summer, the winter time is just as good and there aren’t any crowds!

The sun was occasionally daring to poke through the clouds when I was heading back to the hotel to get myself ready for the event kick off at 6pm, and on the way I managed to grab some fantastic pictures. I didn’t have time to wait for the sunset which was a pity. I don’t like to be late for events that I have been invited to if I can help it, sometimes I’m a true professional. I did however catch a the sunset from my stunning sea view room just as I was heading down for the Champagne reception and delicious canapés.

This weeks picture of the week was shot on Brighton Beach and features a group of people Slacklining next to the sea. The sun kept hiding behind the clouds and would gradually reveal less and more sunlight as the clouds shifted and with it the colours would keep on changing. I really…really like this picture, the colours, vibe and the setting. Maybe I need to get myself out of London more often…





  1. A gorgeous picture and having been to Brighton quite few times I can vouch for how nice a place it is.

  2. That is a competion winning photograph mate. A perfectly captured moment in time.

  3. Fantastic picture. This one could be more than just picture of the week, picture of the year is more like it.

  4. Great photo mate and described brilliantly. Whenever I think of Brighton an image of Quadrophenia enters ma heid.