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Blogging And YouTube A Power Combination

Blogging And YouTube A  Power Combination

I think nowadays most people have a reasonable idea as to what blogging is all about, don’t they? If you don’t know what a blog is or what blogging is, you maybe need to leave this article right now.

Like most bloggers out there, I’m always trying to figure out new ways to promote London Is Cool, in order to increase my readership. I’m a realist and fully aware that there isn’t really any short cuts to success in the world of blogging. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and perseverance.

Each month since I started my wee baby, London Is Cool, I have increased my unique visits, visits and page views. Nothing spectacular, I’m probably up to an average of 300 visitors to my blog a day. On occasional good days when I write an article that creates a bit of buzz I break the 600 visits mark.

I now also have quite few older articles that are constantly getting a reasonable amount of visits per month, which I suppose is what blogging is all about. I can see the power of having thousands of well written and interesting articles that get picked up by the search engines and the knock on effect it has on making a blog successful.

I feel the next natural place to go with London Is Cool, is to take my blog to a whole new audience, you guessed it, YouTube. I’m sure nearly everyone has heard of YouTube, and what it is all about. That is unless you have been living in a cave in the Outer Hebrides for the past 4 years.

I feel that YouTube and blogging are a perfect merger. It is a piece of cake to upload a video to YouTube and then to post the video to your blog. The potential for increasing readers to your blog as a result of YouTube videos that you have made are clear to see.

I know many people have a real fear of videoing themselves and looking stupid. The way I see it, if you look stupid enough it will result in lots of views of your video. In fact from watching YouTube on a regular basis it is pretty clear that some people have become very good at making themselves purposely look stupid.

I have a digital DVD Camcorder that has been sitting in a box for the past year, so I guess I haven’t got any excuses for not getting in on the YouTube act. All I need to get going is a memory card, which I ordered about 4 weeks ago from EBay and it still hasn’t arrived. It has seemingly been lost in the post, Royal Mail are fucking useless. Some low life Postie will now have a nice 8GB memory card, which he can use with his Camcorder or Camera, which he has robbed form somebody else.

So to get the ball rolling as the saying goes, I have made a YouTube video out of some iconic London pictures that I have taken. I don’t have any fancy software at the moment for making videos. I have just used Windows Live Movie Make, which is a basic and simple to use piece of software.

So I will leave you with my beginners effort at a YouTube video. The next step for me to is to write a wee script and hopefully create a proper video that will be interesting and watchable enough to bring some viewers to London Is Cool.

The potential offered by incorporating YouTube videos into a blog are there for everyone to see. It is of course going to be up to me to release that potential and turn it into something positive. Which will benefit London Is Cool and take things  on to the next level. The world is my oyster, I just have to open it up and let the ride begin.


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