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Battersea Park In Pictures

Battersea Park In Pictures

Battersea Park, which is located over the river from me in the South of London, is a 200 acre inner city green space, which I found to be a fantastic place to chill out at, after a morning from hell. Battersea Park really is a truly wonderful place to escape the madness of city life.

On Friday morning I was having a bad day…it all went wrong and my plans were totally screwed up. But hey such is life, you have to take the good with the bad and when things go wrong it is how you deal with the situation that counts – that is the making of the man!

After a lot of pain, sweat, tears and racking of my brains, my life was back on track and me yours truly William K Wallace, had triumphed over adversity once again.

Big Ben had just struck 12.30pm, which reminded me it was lunch time. I had an invite to attend the East India Company store launch event at 3pm, which meant I had a bit of time to fill in. I couldn’t be bothered heading all the way back to Kilburn, so I made my way over to Battersea Park, to take in the Hypercomics: The Shape of Comics to Come exhibition at the Pump House Gallery, which is in the park. It wasn’t really my thing, but if you are over that way pop in for a peek, it is a free exhibition.

I took the train from Victoria to Battersea Park, which must be the shortest train journey of my life. Journey time 4 minutes. I must say the views of Battersea Power Station from the train were awesome. I think it is about time they got on with doing something with this icon. Either flatten it or redevelop it.

Thankfully it was only a 10 minute walk from Battersea Park station to the park…it was  good to escape the inner city craziness of Battersea and get into the tranquil setting of the park. As much as I like the Royal Parks, such as Regents Park and Hyde Park, they are usually too busy for my liking and as pretty as they are, I find them crap places to do some serious chilling out.

The sun was shining, the air was warm and more importanlty Battersea Park wasn’t rammed with people. It wasn’t exactly empty either, there were plenty of people there, cyclists, children, joggers, dog walkers, families and the odd crazy. There was plenty of room for everyone and numerous places where you could escape people and feel like you were hundreds of miles away from one of the busiest cities in the world.

The lake area of Battersea Park is a near perfect place to chill our and relax at. I could have sat there for hours – the water, the trees, the ducks and people in the boats having fun, was good to watch. I unfortunately could only spend about hour sitting and wandering around the park after visiting the exhibition, which wasn’t nearly enough time to fully appreciate the place.

Battersea Park is an inner city park, which is a perfect place to escape city life. I will be back over to Battersea Park in the very near future to give it the attention it deserves. It truly is a haven of tranquillity. The next time I visit I will have to take my African Princess with me. I cant wait to take her out on the lake on one of those boats and shake it like crazy…I’m sure she will have a great time!


  1. Thank you so much for all the pictures. Some day I will make it to London. Until then I can read your blog and dream.

  2. I loved seeing your photos

    When i was growing up Battersea Funfair within the park (their is a couple of pics of the funfair on my blog somewhere) was my favourite place to go most Sundays during the summer was such a shame when they shut it down.

    Thanks for sharing those pics 🙂

  3. It sure is a nice place to hang out, I will be returning sometime in the near future to have a proper look around.

  4. It looks really gorgeous in that park!! Lovely photos too – I loved this post!

    The comic book exhibition is my cup of tea. i am going to try drag one of my South African visitors over there in the next week or so. Maybe even try my new-camera-to-be (haven’t bought it yet) out on the park!

  5. I’m contemplating buying a new camera or getting a camcorder. I really want to get into the video lark, but on the other hand I need a new camera…it’s a tricky decision. Maybe if Cannon can feel my pain they can send sort me out with both!

    There sure will be loads of photo opportunities at Battersea Park, that’s for sure.