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Banksy Mural Tribute To Amy Whitehouse – Is It Or isn’t it?

Banksy Mural Tribute To Amy Whitehouse – Is It Or isn’t it?

In early wee hours of Monday morning, an Amy Whitehouse mural appeared on a wall down by Camden Lock. As most Londoners are aware … aren’t you … the grubby walls of Regents Canal have been a stomping ground of the legendary graffiti artist Banksy over the years. Some people were saying, the Amy Whitehouse stencil was a tribute by Banksy … is it, or isn’t it?

My first impressions from looking at the piece online was that if it was by Banksy, he had lost his touch … he had lost the magic! So today I jumped on the number 31 bus and headed over to Camden Town to have close up look. The black and white stencil features Amy Whitehouse with her trademark beehive hairstyle, short skirt, high heels and with a pair of angels wings. In all fairness it isn’t a bad piece, and it has similarities to Banksy’s work, but it aint no Banksy that’s for sure!

And to confirm my thoughts … a spokesman for Banksy has said that the Amy Whitehouse stencil at Camden Lock is not by him. Never the less the piece is still a nice tribute to Amy.

The funeral of Amy Whitehouse was held today. The very talented singer, song writer and performer is finally at peace. RIP Amy.


  1. Yes rest in peace Amy. She was oh so very young. Tragedy.

    Have a spectacular day. 🙂

  2. It’s really good though, isn’t it? Except for whatever went wrong with her mouth. but everything else was done well.

    Your blog is looking fab – have I had a chance to tell you that yet? Sorry – I’ve been sick most of July!

  3. Comedy Plus, a troubled young lady that just could’t shake her demons.

    Hey Emm, nothing like an illness to knock us back a bit. Hopefully you are 100% again. I felt it was time for a new look and it seems to be an improvement and best of all this theme is much easier to work with.

    Whoever did the stencil has got potential…

  4. I didn’t think it was a Banksy. Hasn’t got his quality or attention to detail!

  5. Hen Broon, exaclty…hows the rest of the Broons doing…?

  6. Isn’t it amazing how anybody could mistake this for a Banksy. As you say it isn’t bad but,on the other hand it isn’t great.

  7. Miss Jones, exactly…

  8. May she rest in peace..I miss her already!!!!

  9. This isnt a Banksy. It was a different street artist

  10. Lorarian89, yes indeed.

    Nichola Goodall, indeed the blog post I wrote clearly says that. I guess you read the title but couldn’t bother your ass to read the whole article!!!