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And The Heavens Opened In London – Skywatch Friday

And The Heavens Opened In London  – Skywatch Friday

There I was wandering around in my unofficial garden, Paddington Old Cemetery in North West London when it dawned on me that I never had a picture for this weeks Skywatch Friday. Shock horror…oh what to do…time was running out.

Not to worry, I looked up to the heavens and they opened up for me. The sun was trying to burst through the clouds and the result is the picture which I’m featuring today. I snapped away for a couple of minutes, until I managed to capture a couple of images that I was pleased with.

I had better things to do than spend all my time taking pictures, it was a beautiful evening and I was there for a relaxing stroll in the warm spring air and a seat on a bench with a paperback book. Remember those things…I like to have the feel of paper on my hands when I read a book, I find it comforting. I know I’m old school…

This week’s entry on Skywatch Friday Season 4, Episode 41 from London Is Cool is ‘And the Heavens Opened’…


  1. Great capture.

    I too love the feel and smell of a good book. I’m old school too.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. (Great name for a blog) – It’s so convenient when the skies open up for you like that!

    Thought I’d never convert from real books, but I have to say that my Kindle is fast becoming my new best toy!

  3. Comedy Plus, thanks…

    Frostbite & Sunburn, I was lucky…I can see the attraction of Kindle, but I guess I spend so much time online through work and blogging that it is nice break to have a real book in my hand.

  4. fantastic shot!

  5. Nice pictures Mr. Cool.

    A book…yes I have one around here somewhere….left them over by my Vinyl Records, and VCR tapes…

    Seriously the smell and feel of a good book is like…well…the smell and feel of a good woman, except books don’t talk back! (unless its on tape).

    Happy Trails.

  6. Laura, thanks…

    Don, that’s what I turly love about a good book, the fact it doesn’t talk back…my girl sure as hell does!