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Aberdeen Rowies

Aberdeen Rowies

A few years ago I attempted to make some Aberdeen Rowies: I was desperate! If the truth be told my attempt was a bit of a disaster. Hey… you can’t win them all…

The Proclaimers would seemingly walk 500 miles to fall down at your door. I William K Wallace, the Wandering Scotsman would gladly travel 500 plus miles for a bag of delicious rowies.

During a recent trip back home to Aberdeen, one of my priorities was to…. you guessed it, eat loads of rowies! Thankfully I didn’t have to travel far for my breakfast fix, which can easily be found in bakers, newsagents and supermarkets all over the North East of Scotland. The hotel I was staying in, the very comfortable and highly recommended Summerhill Lodge had them as part of their breakfast menu!

I like them hot or cold, but they must be soft and fluffy. Those salty crispy rowies are not to my liking. I began with 2 hot rowies covered in lashings of butter, followed by 2 cold ones covered in lashings of butter… what can I say about the experience. Oh boy… my mouth is watering and my stomach is rumbling just thinking about how good the Aberdeen delicacy tasted. Absolutely delicious.

Those four rowies covered in butter, resulted in me wolfing around 2000 calories in less than 10 minutes. You only live once… anyway I work out on a regular basis and my waist has been 34 inches since I was 21 years old! A recent blood pressure test at the doctor he said, “that is pretty good”. So guys and girls when you look after your body, you can treat yourself from time to time!

Shh, but don’t tell the hotel, I took 2 of those delicious rowies away with me for the train journey to Edinburgh when I left the hotel after my 2 night stay. Funny enough… my African Princess who claimed she didn’t like them, seemed to eat one rather quickly on that train journey!

rowie 1

rowie 2

A few years ago the TV health guru Gillian McKeith tried to ban them, I say ban her! Long live the rowie.