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A Wee Stroll From Camden Town To Kings Cross

A Wee Stroll From Camden Town To Kings Cross

Last week I had a wee stroll along the Regents Canal, from Camden Lock to Kings Cross, which means I have now covered the whole route from Paddington Basin to Limehouse Basin and the River Thames. And as I was expecting it was a rather forgettable stroll, that I wont be doing again in a hurry.

The most memorable aspects of this wee walk, was having to dodge cyclists like snipers bullets and the numerous lunatics that seem to inhabit this part of the Regents Canal. Even the graffiti along this stretch was mostly a load of mindless rubbish. There can’t be enough tourists walking this way, or I’m sure Mayor Boris would be making a much bigger effort to rid the canal of all the rubbish and debris that is floating in it!

Whenever I walk from Camden Lock to Little Venice or Paddington Basin there are countless photo opportunities and I must get at least a 150 good pictures along this route. From Camden Lock to Kings Cross I got about 15 decent pictures and I know from a previous experience that  I would only get about 50 or 60 if I walked all the way to the River Thames, which I think sums up this rather down trodden and almost ghetto like part of the Canal.

The only saving grace about my walk last week from Camden Lock to Kings Cross and back again was the fact it was a beautiful day. And that I never got run over by a cyclist or that one of the many clearly unhinged lunatics that I passed by never tried to talk to me. I will tell you something I wouldn’t want to walk along here once it was dark!

Will I ever walk this way again…well never say never. Unless I have one of my mad moments and decide to get up early one morning and walk the whole route from Paddington Basin to Limehouse Basin…But if that happens please send me to the lunatics asylum because I know I shouldn’t do it!


  1. I was peering over a wall at the canal when I was in Camden on Sunday and thinking I should have a walk around – it looks interesting, particularly that weird strip light in the canal tunnel!

  2. I think the blue light could look quite amazing at night, but I’m not sure I would want to be wandering around down there at night, there were enough crazies walking around down there during a sunny afternoon!