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A Wee Stroll Around Hackney Wick

A Wee Stroll Around Hackney Wick

Many years ago I visited a place called Wick way up in the Highlands of Scotland, situated on the rugged north east coast and a great place it is. On Tuesday afternoon I enjoyed a mini-tour around Wick in East London…Hackney Wick a vibrant and buzzing part of London…that sits in the shadow of the Olympic Park.

Our guide for the stroll was a locally based artist Hilary Powell. We began with a wee walk along the canal which was so close to the Olympic Stadium that I felt I could reach out and touch it. I couldn’t help but wonder how long it will be until the men and woman in expensive suits order a clean up of the graffiti that adorns the walls of the tow path…yes indeed!

Hackney Wick was once upon a time thriving and well populated industrial area, followed by a spell as no go zone…not safe to live in area, to it’s present incarnation as a hub for the cultural and creative industries, and as far as I’m aware it is going to become a high-tech hub as well.

What I liked about Wick was the fresh air…beautiful scenery…sorry that’s the wrong Wick. What I liked about Hackney Wick was the area still seemed to have some edginess…a bit of soul and character to it. Sometimes a little bit of urban grime is a good thing…as long as it doesn’t involve gangs!

All good walks need a resting place. Our first port of call was the legendary Hackney Pearl for a coffee and chocolate brownies…awesome! Next up was a visit to Hilary’s studio where we sampled Sloe Lea Gin a delicious tasting wee tipple created by Pudding Mill River, check out the site for the story behind this innovative company… And of course no walk is complete without some food to fill the belly… The Cafe at Stour Space was the place…doesn’t that rhyme nicely! Not only do Stour Space provide some hearty fare, they also had some art on display which was created by disturbed minds (see the cock and balls light below), sorry I meant to say outrageously creative minds – an enterprise which is devoted to the promotion and production of art and design, performance and innovative business…

I plan on a return visit to Hackney Wick in the next few weeks to go on a more in-depth adventure, and then return after the Olympics is all packed up and shipped out. I will be back…

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