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A Wander Around the Heath Followed by Pint of Ale & Magical Sausage Roll

A Wander Around the Heath Followed by Pint of  Ale & Magical Sausage Roll

On those all too rare London days when the sun shines… even those days when the air is a wee bit cooler, there is nothing quite like a wee wander around the Heath. Anyway, when you wrap up properly you don’t feel the cold… the girl with the short skirt who was complaining to her boyfriend that it was freezing as she stood on Parliament Hill feasting on the wondrous views, is a prime example of what not to wear to keep the cold out! Maybe they were to have a quickie in the bushes…

In-between wandering along the paths, and through the meadows and trees of Hampstead Heath I popped into the Bull and Last on Highgate Road for some liquid refreshment, namely a pint of real cask ale. I had heard you get a quality pint there, and you do indeed.


The Bull and Last was doing a roaring trade with hungry folks enjoy lunch, if I hadn’t eaten a huge power breakfast only an 90 minutes earlier I would have been tempted to join them! There were four ales to choose from: I went for Buxton Dark Nights, a wonderfully, delicious Porter that glided down my thirsty throat!

I was truly amazed… I thought that students were all lager drinking lunatics. I know was back in the day. Five students walked up to the bar, and all ordered coffees and soft drinks… WTF! One of the group asked what is that thing next to the croissants. It was posh sausage roll, and at £3.50 he changed his mind about having one. I on the other hand couldn’t resist.


The sausage roll was one of the best sausage rolls I have ever had the pleasure of eating. And I have been eating them since I was 4 years old, so I have had a lot of experience. It looked good and it tasted f**king delicous.

As much as I liked the Bull and Last, I didn’t like the price of their ale quiet so much. £4.50 for a pint is a bit on the heavy side if you ask me. Then again I suppose the folks living in and around Hampstead Heath are richer than me. I will however be back again in the future to sample their food…