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A Rant From Old London Town: Simple

A Rant From Old London Town: Simple

The sign outside a pub on Kilburn High Road or I should probably say gastro pub – I really hate that term – stated: Hops, Water, Malt, Yeast = Beer, Simple . The ingredients in beer are indeed limited to four simple ingredients. It may be simple, but I could write a very long book all about the bad pints of beer that I have tasted over the years..

I know a guy back home in Aberdeen who owns a pub down beside the docks, a rough and ready kind of pub: in London it would probably be some kind of fancy theme pub where they charged you 5 quid a pint! Anyway, what comes out of  the taps is as good as it gets, as far as lager and beer are concerned. Located less than 10 minutes walk from the “rough and ready” pub is a fancy bar which sells the  exact same lager and beer, however their cold stuff in a pint glass tastes rancid! How can that be?

Simple… beer may indeed contain four ingredients, but not all pubs care or put enough effort into looking after the beer when it is stored in the cellar. For example the cellar temperature is of vital importance, as is keeping the pipes clean and of course a badly poured pint is something that truly pisses me off!


Hops, Water, Malt, Yeast = Beer, Simple. If only more pubs would look after and serve quality beer the way it was meant to be. It’s simple… Rant of the day does not refer to the pub on Kilburn High Road that the above sign sits outside… one of these days I will venture inside and sample an ale or two!