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5 Great Summer Events In London

5 Great Summer Events In London

As one of the most historic, engaging, and culturally diverse cities in Europe and indeed the world, London is home to all sorts of unique attractions and events. Sure, on some level, London is like any large city – you’ll still see large crowds, bad traffic, commercial stores like M&S, and a few too many taxis. But what truly sets London apart is its wide range of appealing and entirely unique attractions. Particularly during the warmer months of the year, the city is positively bursting with one-of-a-kind events. Here are five to keep an eye out for his coming summer.

1. FA Cup Final at Wembley

England’s most beloved sport comes to Wembley in early May for the final of the FA Cup, and for many enthusiastic locals there’s no summer event that quite tops this one. The FA Cup Final marks the culmination of a months-long event, and always draws a festive crowd. This year’s final will take place on May 11th between Manchester City and Wigan Athletic, and if the two clubs hold true to history they should put on quite a show.

2. Regent’s Park Theatre

Regent’s Park offers one of the most pleasant outdoor summer experiences you can find in London, in that its Open Air Theatre puts on high-caliber theatrical performances in the middle of a park, outside. Always a lovely place to catch a play, Regent’s Park Theatre will open this summer season with a performance of Harper Lee’s “To Kill A Mockingbird.”

3. Polo In The Park

Many see polo as a somewhat elitist sport, and it’s certainly something that the average young person doesn’t set out to play. That said, however, Polo in the Park has in recent years become a summer event that is quintessentially London in feel, and very entertaining. Featuring an altered version of polo played between teams from all one the world, this event has also become something of a festival, with food, drink, and even jousting matches staged between events.

4. Open Garden Squares Weekend

Known for its spectacular private gardens, London can be a bit frustrating to outsiders because many of its wonders are off-limits on a day-to-day basis. Open Garden Squares Weekend addresses this issue, celebrating London’s private gardens as many of their gates are opened to the public to be enjoyed during a summer weekend.


5. Wimbledon

Finally, there’s Wimbledon, arguably the most world-renowned of any summer event in London. The most prestigious of the four grand slam tournaments in professional tennis, Wimbledon maintains an air of grandeur that can’t be matched anywhere else in tennis, or perhaps professional sports. With the world’s very best competing every year in a respectful and undeniably pleasant environment, Wimbledon is the perfect summer event.


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