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30 Years of British Graff-Art / Evolution in Graff-Futurism – Free Exhibition

30 Years of British Graff-Art / Evolution in Graff-Futurism – Free Exhibition

A fantastic free exhibition kicks off at the Royal Festival Hall today called ’30 Years of British Graff-Art / Evolution in Graff-Futurism’. This exhibition is featuring work from some of the pioneers of graffiti in this country – old school guys that were out there spraying trains and walls back in the days before graffiti became popular.

Graff-Futurism is all about … I think … I’m guessing, because I have to use my own imagination on this one … is all about the progression of the graffiti artists from vandal to artist. In my humble opinion as soon as you take the street art and put it in a gallery, it is clearly no longer graffiti, it can’t be! So I guess this is where Graff-Futurism comes into play…

Some of the top guys of the Graff-Futurism movement will be showcased throughout the exhibition including Pride (Errol Donald), Prime (Mark Sinckler), Inkie, Fuel (Matthew Bradford), SheOne (James Choules), Duncan Jago, James Starr, Junior Tomlin, James Cochran, Augustine Kofie, Andrew McAttee, Phil Ashcroft, Jon Hammer, Steve Moore, Robbo and DonOne.

Graff-Art / Evolution in Graff-Futurism exhibition will be accompanied by live spray presentations throughout the weekend. So if you are a budding graff artists or are curious as to how these very talented artists create their masterpieces, get yourself along and take a peek. Be there or be square … see you there…

Event: 30 Years of British Graff-Art / Evolution in Graff-Futurism
Where: Royal Festival Hall, level 2
When: Friday 15 – Sunday 17 July, 10am – 11pm
Cost: Free Event
Further Inforamtion: South Bank Centre


  1. I have to agree that once your work is shown in a gallery, it is no longer considered graffiti. Perhaps they could setup a gallery where different unknown graffiti artists come in to create their art instead of on public property. Anyways, I like your blog’s new look.

  2. Sounds like the most interesting exhibition of art I’ve heard of in a long time.

  3. Wallace, did you get yourself along. I was there on Saturday night.

  4. owww missed it….. i love graffiti it combines strong state of mind and talent where can i find pics?

  5. AVCr8teur, it would be good to see more graff artists going down this road, they are talented people. Thanks, the theme is a wee bit better…

    Ryan, it was definitely worth going along to take a look at, that’s for sure.

    Danny, I was there on Sunday evening. Funny enough I was going to go on Saturday night, but I was to busy enjoying myself on a walking tour!

    Nella, I have taken a few pics, that I will try upload sometime soon …hompefully.