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10 Romantic Places To Propose In London

10 Romantic Places To Propose In London

Where to propose in London is a question which many men and a few liberated woman have pondered over. Asking for your partners hand in marriage should be a memorable occasion and something that both of you will never forget and hopefully never have to repeat again!

London is a city which is truly overloaded with romantic locations for popping the big question, ‘Will You Marry Me’ as you get down on your bended knee. But where to begin, when there are so many places to choose from.

Help is at hand from London Is Cool, the blog that really does have its finger on the pulse and as all my readers will know, me yours truly William K Wallace is an old romantic at heart! I have put together a list of 10 places which I personally think are great locations to propose to your sweetheart.

If you ask me proposing doesn’t have to be all fancy, what is has to be is  romantic, that is what really counts. If you get the setting right and say it from your heart, I don’t think you will fail, as long as you are both in love.

10 Romantic Places To Propose In London

Statue Of Eros at Piccadilly Circus, a tried and tested location that has witnessed thousands loving couples agree to get married. There is a tradition that states if you propose under the Statue of Eros at the stroke of midnight, you will receive good luck and happiness in your marriage!

Waterloo Station under the clock, a fantastic place to meet on a blind date if you are a cool kinda person! But also a rather cool place to propose if you ask me, do it at the stroke of midnight when there aren’t hordes of people going around and of course have a bottle of Champers to toast her saying yes. The saying ‘meet you under the clock at Waterloo’, has been used for decades by friends, lovers and new acquaintances when meeting up there.

Vertigo 42 Champagne Bar, which is located in Tower 42 and  stands  590 feet above street level and as you can imagine it offers amazing views of London. How could she say no, as she enjoys your company, the view and the Champers…yes indeed!

Parliament Hill, at Hampstead Heath offers some of the best views you will find in London and after she has said yes, enjoy a hamper full of goodies in the beautiful surroundings. Hampstead Heath is a special place where you will feel like you are million miles from London, but at the same time you feel like you can almost touch it.

River Thames Boat Trip, a bit of cliché but why not take it a step further and hire one of those little private boats. Just the two of you gliding down the Thames, now that would be extra special.

Hyde Park, in a rowing boat on the Serpentine. Row out into the middle of the water and get down on your knee, being careful not to fall into the water and pop the question. You would of course have a bottle of Champers to celebrate with or drown your sorrows if she says no!

Lucky Voice Bar Soho, how about hiring a booth in this quirky Japanese style karaoke bar. This is something that is a little bit different and most definitely a hell of a lot of fun. I guess it depends on your girl or guys sense of humour and if you are planning on getting married you obviously know what works for your partner, don’t you?

Tower Bridge, the iconic and beautiful London landmark sure would make for a memorable location to ask your partner to marry you. Pop the big question at night when the bridge is lit up and the views along the River Thames are looking amazing.

Albert Embankment, I personally think this is one of the most romantic spots in all of London to go for a stroll with your lover, especially later on at night when its dark. The old style street lamps and Westminster Palace all lit up and reflecting on the River Thames is a truly atmospheric and beautiful sight. This is a great spot to ask her to marry you…

Louis Patisserie, an old-time Hungarian patisserie in the heart of Hampstead, which has tons of faded charm. Pop in here for some afternoon tea and delicious cakes, and when she is feeling like she has arrived in heaven, pop the question. Believe me she will say yes whether she wants to or not!

There are scores of romantic places to propose to your girlfriend or boyfriend in London. Whatever you decide remember it is all about being romantic and memorable, not about spending loads of money and being fancy. Wherever you decide to pop the question, do it from the heart and with style!