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10 Most Popular Articles Of 2009 | London Is Cool

10 Most Popular Articles Of 2009 | London Is Cool

It was way back in May 2009 that I officially launched my London Is Cool blog. Why did I launch it, to become rich and famous of course. I’m only joking with that last comment.

I find blogging a wee bit of  light hearted entertainment and it sure beats watching crap like Eastenders or Coronation Street on TV. So when I have some spare time I go and do some blogging. It helps to keep me amused and express my humble opinions on life in London.

Looking back on the first 8 months of London Is Cool, it has been interesting to see what my most read articles have been. It always amazes me  what articles get read and what ones are not quite so popular. It is sometimes disappointing when articles such as,  Property Scammers Keep On Making The Money where I’m trying to help and  stop people getting ripped off  by scammers in London, doesn’t get read in the 10’s of thousands.

I don’t pretend to be the next Jack London or Ernest Hemingway, but who thinks they are apart from a few delusional bloggers who read a fucking dictionary for breakfast or those grammar policemen that abound all over the fucking place. They need to stop living in their mothers cellars and get out there and experience real life.

So here we have it the 10 most popular articles on London Is Cool in 2009. Each one is a work of art and is worthy of your attention, HONEST…..

Listen Here Americans In London Its Tower Bridge Not London Bridge

Useful Scottish Slang Words and Phrases Such As Fit Like Min, aye

Searching the Dangerous London Streets For  Orgasmic Cherry Beer

5 Very Strange Places To Take A Date In London

A Scary Ride On The Ghost Bus Tour

10 Free Things You Should Do In London

The Monument Is Like Climbing A Mountain

Spanish Sex Tourist Conned In Soho London

Be Kind For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting  A Hard Battle

Sexy Carnival Girls The Highlight Of Summer 2009

2010 has begun and trying to find new things to write about shouldn’t be too much of a problem for me. London after all is a city where there is always something happening……

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