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London is the capital city the Great Britain. The city is almost ageless and consequently has a lot of historic sites. The history of London cannot be discussed in one sitting. A lot of stuff that will give you a lot of information about Landon’s history is well preserved at museums and prehistoric sites. If you happen to be a museum lover, then there isn’t any better city for you to visit than London. We are talking about hundreds of museums in a single city, every corner of the city you can be sure to bump into a totally unique museum. Below is a collection of some of the museums you can visit free of charge when in London.

1. The British museum

This facility showcases the handiworks of mankind. What makes it outstanding as the world’s most famous museum is the fact that is keeps a collection of works of man from prehistoric times to modern times. It will give you a good understanding of the Stone Age, the Parthenon sculptures and Egyptology.

This library has a collection of close to 7 million mesmerizing artifacts that you would love to view. It would probably take you a week or two to go through all of them. Even though entry is free of charge, special tickets are require to get in.

2. The Natural History Museum

This one is found within South Kingston. The Victorian architecture that houses it will make you skip a breath before you are thrown into a glare by the natural collection in it. As you walk through the utopian hallway, some of the things you will be sure to see include: The 26-metre dinosaur, a 40 million year old spider, the mighty blue whale, the tallest, the heaviest are the rarest of the animal species. Like the former, it’s absolutely free but special tickets are a must.

3. The Science Museum

In case you love science, this museum will be the one fascination you will love to tour over and over. Founded back in the 18th century during a memorable exhibition at the Crystal Palace, this museum showcases a masterpiece of scientific objects. It has both temporal displays and permanent displays of works of second to none works of science. Once inside you will see how science has advanced over the last 300 years and goes on to give you a speculation on the future of science, space travel, nanotechnology and cinema.

4. The Victoria and Albert Museum

Simply referred to as the V&A museum, this piece situated South Kingston is very rich in art. Imagine an entire collection of three hundred years’ art from all over the world in one facility. This museum appreciates the fact that diversity is the basis of humanity and does all it can to keep a collection of it from all the cultures around the globe. From furniture, woodworks, metal work, sculptures, clothing, paintings to pictures, there isn’t a better display of art.

5.  The Museum Of London

Ever heard of the largest urban museum in the world? It is also called the Museum of London. This one is filled to capacity with historic objects and exhibitions. In case you are eager to learn about London, be it the history, the cultural activities, customs, politics and current trends, you will be sure to find it all here.

6. The Royal Museums

Definitely you have had a clue of the royal dynasty of England. The queen to date is still an iconic figure that is respected and cherished by the English. This museum exhibits the historic queen’s residence. Besides it’s also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the observatory Greenwich. Entry is free but to some restricted sections charges apply.

7. The Saatchi Gallery

This site is located in Chelsea. Where its premises were built in the year 2008 in memory of the Duke of York, its aim is to bring contemporary art to the public and anybody from around the world that is willing to view.

8. The Tate Britain

Like the Saatchi, this is also another fantastic gallery. Its rooms are well furnished to give a spectacular view. This facility has the British art over the last 1500 years displayed in a chronological order.

9. The Tate Modern  

Tate modern is a gallery that showcases international modern and contemporary art from the onset of the nineteenth century to date. Initially it was a power station before it re-opened as Tate modern. Entry is free of charge.

10. Horniman Museum

Situated in southern London, this museum like the others also allows you to discover the natural, cultural pieces. A lot of its original collection is still on display since the year 1901.

London is one great destination for the lovers of history. The above stipulated Museums and galleries will give you a good bit of your love. If you’re looking for cheap accommodation in London – you can find it on Hotelscan.